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Recommended by Bournemouth Uni | Established 2010

Fixed Labour Fee • no booking required • 1 Year Guarantee • 15% off Labour for Students & Blue Light Card

£49Fixed labour fee – excludes parts, if required • No upfront payment required

Windows & Software Issues

  • Virus Removal
  • Internet, wireless or connectivity issues
  • Windows operating system re-installation
  • Blue screen of death / error codes / error messages
  • Data backup Data transfer. You can also see the data recovery page. (Moving files only, any data migration including program data such as Outlook, is £99)
  • Windows login password removal, recovery or reset
  • Windows issues: software issues pop-up error messages login error message profile or user account issues…
  • Start-up issues: not loading / booting up freezing during startup Windows updates issues No bootable devices found blank screen with cursor…

Hardware Issues

  • Hard drive replacement including Windows installation / upgrade
  • Hinge repair / replacement (repair of both sides falls under Band B)
  • Webcam not working
  • Sound / speaker not working
  • Touchpad / buttons not working
  • Laptop screen repair / replacement
  • Upgrading hardware (i.e. fitting new graphics card, or CPU, or SSD), including on custom PCs
  • Battery replacement (battery not holding charge), for any other power issues please refer to Band B
  • Damage report for an insurance claim (payment refunded if we carry out the repair)

Performance Issues

  • Running slowly / crashing / freezing or not responding
  • Full internal clean/service (for overheating / loud fan noise). High pressure air is used to clean out the interior of your device including fans, restoring performance, and keeping the motherboard clean. If necessary, thermal paste will be replaced with Arctic MX-4 thermal grease.

£79  Fixed labour fee – excludes parts, if required • No upfront payment required

  • Beeping on startup
  • Laptop keyboard replacement
  • Graphics Chip GPU repair (reflow)
  • Motherboard (mainboard) repair / replacement
  • BIOS / CMOS password reset / recovery / removal
  • A dropped / smashed laptop, notebook or netbook (multiple repairs)
  • Custom built desktop PC (You are welcome to supply your own parts if needed)
  • Liquid spillage / damage: Call asap. Time is of the essence and the longer you wait, the more damage the liquid spill can inflict (corrosion, etc.)
  • Ports issues – Broken USB / USB Type C port Broken audio jack Broken LAN (Ethernet/Internet) port Broken / wobbly laptop power socket (DC jack power pin connector)
  • Display issues – Flickering Distortion No display No backlight Dim/dark screen Blank/black screen Coloured bars/lines on screen
  • Power issues – keeps shutting down Continuously restarting Randomly switching off Power supply/charger issues Battery not charging Laptop, computer or PC not turning on

Unlike traditional charging ports, with USB C, in some cases the motherboard ‘tracks’ are ripped off due to the port being forced in, and the motherboard needs repair. In these cases, there is an additional fee of up to £49 to cover the additional work, but you will be informed first. On Huawei models we charge £148 total, as the poor engineering means that in most cases the motherboard also gets damaged.

Technicians with years of experience

Our in-house computer repair technicians have many years of experience repairing many different makes and models of computers, laptops, netbooks & PCs.

We differ from many other laptop and pc repair companies, as we perform repairs down to a component level using micro-soldering under a microscope to give you the best repair price.

If you are experiencing any problems that are not listed below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you and provide a quote.

We will give you free honest advice as to what your repair options are and how much it will cost.

Our fixed fee includes:

All our repairs fall within fixed pricing bands, which also include:

  • VAT
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Diagnostics, Assessment & Repair

All our repairs fall under a fixed labour fee, so you know exactly what you are paying before you even walk into our store or contact us.

You can self-quote by finding your issue, under one of our four pricing bands adjacent – or contact our team with a description of your fault, for advice, guidance and a quote.

  • Priority Assessment (£20) – Have your PC assessed within 24 hours – or same day where possible. While repairs are done in order, this service ensures a swift diagnosis, allowing us to begin the process without delay, particularly where parts must be ordered.
  • Cables and accessories not required – for laptops, please bring a power cable, staff will advise if this is required for the repair or not.
  • No upfront payment is required – payment can be made on collection, via credit/debit card, bank transfer, cash, or online via Stripe.
  • If the repair is cancelled or the device is beyond repair, we charge half the labour cost as a diagnostic fee.
  • If you require data backup/data recovery as part of the repair, this is an additional cost.
  • Windows 11 now forces Bitlocker encryption on – any type of hardware repair can trigger Bitlocker asking for a recovery key. You are responsible for safe keeping of the recovery key, it may be under your Microsoft account (see: If you lose this key, you may lose all your data.

Our Repair Process

1 - Bring in your device, anytime

You will be quoted exactly the same as on our website - a fixed labour fee. There is no need for us to see your device to quote you, we just need a simple description of the fault.

2 - Receive a call/email update

We will assess your device, and call/email you with an update - or to say your device is repaired. Depending on complexity and if parts are required, this can be 1-5 working days.

3 - Collect your repaired device

Once any parts have been authorised and your device is repaired, you can collect your computer/laptop. We accept card, cash or bank transfer - you can even pay online before collection.

The Approved Repair Company

Established 2010

Under the microscope… see what we see!

Alongside are some photos of our latest jobs – all of which were successfully repaired.

Possessing tools like a microscope and thermal camera allow us to conduct repairs to a standard that many shops are not able to, such as motherboard repair

We repaired a PS5 Slim today for a replacement HDMI port. The connector was really badly damaged - nevertheless, we managed to replace it and get this console back up and running. #ps5 #ps5slim
This has to be some of the worst corrosion we’ve had this year - it’s not looking great for this customer, but that hasn’t stopped us yet!
Another shop fixed this iMac before and used hot glue/silicone to reattach the screen, not genuine Apple adhesive strips!When picking a shop to repair your Apple product, make sure they specialise in Apple repairs so they don’t do a bodge job like this! The official adhesive is specially designed and cut, so that it holds the display securely, whilst allowing the iMac to be opened again for service.
This USB C port was completely ripped off when the laptop was dropped while charging. The customer thought it was a write-off and time to get another one. After rebuilding the tracks on the motherboard, and soldering on a new port, its as good as new and lives to see another day. #soldering #righttorepair
This PS5 came in due to randomly turning off. Like many we have seen, in some cases, standing up the console causes the liquid metal to drip down over time, and cause air gaps between the processor and heatsink. Another easy fix for the bits team. #repair #bournemouth
This PS5 came in for a flickering screen. On this occasion, the HDMI port was OK, but the motherboard was damaged, and the tracks to the port were all ripped off.Thanks to our #Amscope #microscope we are able to repair these fine tracks that are under 1mm in width each!
#Xbox crashing or overheating?
We fix those too! This Xbox is having an internal clean, and replacement hard drive due to the original failing.
This MacBook Pro 2012 model had a cup of water spilled on it, and the customer kept using it causing severe corrosion.Despite being classed as a 'vintage' model this MacBook was cleaned and fixed up in no time and back in the customer's hands 🙂
This is by far the worst MacBook we've ever seen - poor thing! It was run over by a car and left outdoors in severe rain after the customer lost it.Challenge accepted.
According to 🍎 this customer needed a new logic board... we don't think so! This customer paid the labour fee, and had their Mac back next day - no data lost, and for a fraction of the price!
#Bournemouth #RightToRepair