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13″ MacBook Pro Models
M1 (A2338) – Battery replacement£179 total
M2 (A2338) – Battery replacement£179 total
2018 (A1989), 2019 (A2159) & 2020 (A2251, A2289) – Battery replacement£149 total
2016 (A1706) & 2017 (A1708) – Battery replacement£139 total
2012 – 2015 (A1502) – Battery Replacement£139 total
15″ MacBook Pro Models
2018 & 2019 (A1990) – Battery replacement£159 total
2016 & 2017 (A1707) – Battery replacement£159 total
2012 – 2015 (A1398) – Battery Replacement£139 total
MacBook Air (Apple Silicon)
M1 (A2337) – Battery replacement£179 total
M2 (A2337) – Battery replacement£179 total
MacBook Air Models (Retina Intel 2018-2020)
2018 (A1932), 2019 (A1932) & 2020 (A2179) – Battery replacement£129 total
MacBook Air (Intel Models – 2017 and older)
13″ (2013 – 2017) (A1466, A1369, A1304, A1237) – Battery Replacement£99 total
11″ (A1465) – Battery Replacement£89 total

Battery Degradation Over Time

MacBook batteries, like all lithium-ion batteries, degrade over time due to chemical aging. This natural process results in reduced battery capacity and shorter usage times between charges. Apple designs its batteries to retain up to 80% of their original capacity after 500 full charge cycles. As such, it is unlikely you will need a new battery if your Mac is a more recent model such as a 2020 or so.

However, as the battery’s health declines, users may notice their MacBook’s performance also drops, with worse performance and more frequent charging needs.

Signs You Need a Battery Replacement

  • Short Battery Life: Your MacBook battery depletes quickly after a full charge.
  • Battery Health Warning: macOS indicates the battery needs servicing.
  • Swelling Battery: The battery is physically swollen, causing the trackpad or keyboard to lift.

Apple themselves do not replace sell batteries for MacBooks. When they replace batteries, they replace the entire palmist which is why they charge such a high price for this service. Our technicians are able to replace the battery only, keeping the cost and waste down. We use third party batteries that we have extensively tested to ensure they match genuine Apple batteries as closely as possible.

  • Safety: These batteries meet rigorous safety standards and are designed to work seamlessly with your MacBook.
  • Performance: High-quality batteries provide reliable performance, ensuring your MacBook operates at optimal speeds without unexpected shutdowns.
  • Longevity: They offer good longevity and help maintain your MacBook’s overall lifespan.

Maintenance Tips – Here are some tips to help maintain your MacBook battery:

  • Regular Charging: Keep your battery between 20% and 80% charged to reduce stress and prolong its lifespan. If storing your MacBook aside for a few days or more, shut it down where the battery is roughly at 50% charge to prevent irreversible damage.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Both high and low temperatures can negatively impact battery health.
  • Update Software: Ensure your MacBook is running the latest macOS version to benefit from Apple’s battery management features.


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