bits is an established and recognised company since 2010 Our shop is centrally located in Bournemouth town centre: the company is dedicated to providing the most efficient and reliable Apple Mac, laptop and PC repair service in the area – we excel at what we do.

We are pleased to be the approved repair company, recommended by both Bournemouth University and Arts University Bournemouth IT departments for over a decade. Both staff and students receive 15% off labour charges.

We do not use ‘technical jargon’, instead we outline the best and most cost effective way of repairing your computer, so that you will be in no doubt about exactly what you will be paying for. Our history of satisfied customers is proof that you can choose us to repair your computer with total confidence. Furthermore, we offer a 1 Year Warranty* on all repairs so you can be confident in choosing us for your repair.

When you contact BITS you will be dealing with friendly, personable and patient engineers who have many years of experience in dealing with every kind of hardware and software issue, covering a wide range of devices, all the way from computers, hard drives, to consoles.

Our ethos is one of honesty and professionalism with the sole aim to solve all your hardware and software troubles, at affordable fixed prices and to have happy and satisfied customers, who will return to use our services again in the future. Our 4.6 Star Google Rating is testament to our tens of thousands of satisfied customers over the last 13 years of business.

We are a full member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

We support Clarity, a local charity that provides employment for blind and disabled people.

Security:Our building is protected by 4K CCTV cameras, recording both video and audio 24/7/365. Our property is alarmed (door sensors, glass break detectors, motion sensors) with Police response, and both CCTV and alarm status can be checked remotely, so our staff can respond and attend the address in minutes in the event of an alarm activation. Our shop is half a mile away from the Police station, allowing a 2 minute response time.

A 360 Interactive view of inside our store

We repaired a PS5 Slim today for a replacement HDMI port. The connector was really badly damaged - nevertheless, we managed to replace it and get this console back up and running. #ps5 #ps5slim
Our laminar flow hood filters the surrounding air to such a degree that it can be used for forensic DNA analysis! This allows us to refurbish MacBook screens to the highest standard, without letting in dust from ambient surroundings. #macbookrepair
This has to be some of the worst corrosion we’ve had this year - it’s not looking great for this customer, but that hasn’t stopped us yet!
Another shop fixed this iMac before and used hot glue/silicone to reattach the screen, not genuine Apple adhesive strips! 
When picking a shop to repair your Apple product, make sure they specialise in Apple repairs so they don’t do a bodge job like this! The official adhesive is specially designed and cut, so that it holds the display securely, whilst allowing the iMac to be opened again for service.
Another MacBook Air M2 screen is successfully repaired. This one suffered from liquid damage, so we replaced the backlight sheets and LCD, and it now looks as good as new. #MacBookRepair #RightToRepair #MacScreenRepair #Bournemouth
Now offering Nationwide MacBook Pro 14"/16" M1/M2 Screen Repair #apple #righttorepair #macrepair #macbookrepair

The Approved Repair Company

Established 2010