Computer Recycling

Secure Data Destruction: We can arrange for the safe and secure disposal and recycling of your old computer equipment as data security is very important indeed.

Recommended by Bournemouth Uni | Established 2010

Collection of recycling is offered at our discretion – depending on your address and items, we may not be able to collect them.
Apple Mac £10
Laptop £10
Computer £10
PC £10
Server £10
Monitor £10
Printer £10
iPhone / Smartphone £10
iPad / Tablet £10
Most other items £10

We sometimes offer discounts for multiple items, just ask a member of staff.

£10 Per Device

Bournemouth IT Solutions Ltd can collect and recycle all of your IT equipment. We offer a low-cost service or in some cases, the service might be offered free of charge.

Data on all storage mediums is erased to the British HMG IS5 Enhanced standard – 3 pass.

  • First pass – zeroes are written to the drive
  • Second pass – ones are written to the drive
  • Third pass – random data is written to the drive
  • Finally, in the end this is verified to ensure all sectors have been covered.

This method ensures data is physically irrecoverable – keeping your data secure and safe; permanently erased.

The Approved Repair Company

Established 2010